He’s known as Swimming Pool Steve, a second-generation pool builder, in his work life. Others know him as a guitarist and artist.

Steve Goodale is all that, and more.

When he says he grew up in the industry, he isn’t kidding: Goodale measured his first pool liner at age 12. For a decade, he worked for his uncle, a pool builder/service professional in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

By his early 20s, Goodale wanted to learn how to build negative-edge pools, so he relocated  from an area where vinyl-liner pools were prominent to Vancouver and spent five years working with premier builders. Then he opened his own company. After 10 years on the west coast, he closed that business and moved to Paris, Ontario to be closer to his family.

What he loves most about the pool business is its versatility and that he can “create something beautiful.” But Goodale recalled a time in his pool career when he hit a wall: “I wondered, ‘Should I continue doing this?’ I determined that I’d developed an attitude of pride, that I would always strive to be the best I can be. For example, I wasn’t strong in pool chemistry and I like to have answers [for customers], so I studied it in depth. Now I know and can respond whenever there’s a question or discussion.”

These days, his time is split among several enterprises. Green Pools, his contracting company, also enlists his seven younger brothers to work on concrete applications, tile and demolition when needed. “I do contracting and consulting for other companies,” Goodale added, “and I help [people] with swimmingpoolsteve.com and FacePlants.”

That website offers expert advice about pools and spas. Indeed, Goodale is very active as an Internet developer with 100 websites, mostly in the pool/spa industry, offering everything from online stores to e-books and instructional DVDs. Among the e-books he’s written are How to Build Artificial Rock and How to Install a Swimming Pool Liner.

With FacePlants, Goodale hand-crafts artificial granite garden statues, planters and large garden art. “People have never seen anything like [these statues],” he said, adding that they have unique faces, and look and feel like stone, but are one-fourth the weight.

How does he juggle so many endeavors? “I like to be busy,” Goodale said. “I feel guilty if I’m not trying all the time to improve. You won’t find me in front of the TV vegging out. I’m often on the computer, maybe writing an article.”

He’s also often on the guitar. “I come from a musical family — we’re like the Partridges. When we’re together, there are at least three instruments out,” Goodale said. “Music is a part of my life.” In fact, he’s often up late, playing and writing songs.