Covid-19 and the Pool Industry

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Meet the 2022 PSN Top 50 Builders

This year’s slate of exemplary pool/spa builders reflects an era like no other. More

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COVID-19 Update: Inflationary Concerns, Rising Interest Rates, and Recessionary Risks

Zonda’s Ali Wolf and Tim Sullivan discuss how the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine,... More

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Western Pool & Spa Show Makes Happy Return

Learn why the turnout was an especially satisfying result for this particular show. More

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How to Weather the Historic Pricing Fluctuations

Price changes are coming fast and furious — whether it be products, labor or... More

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Chemicals: A Year Like No Other

Pool professionals discuss the current chemical shortages and how they manage. More

Pool and Spa News Exclusive

How to Change Your Company Name Without Losing Brand Equity

Today's Stories

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Bridging the Generational Gap

In this new column series, Millennial pool business owner Josh Henderson explains... More

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The 10 Most Interesting Housing Markets in 2023

Zonda has released its annual list of top housing markets for the new year, based... More

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The ‘Everything Under the Sun Expo’ Shines on Feb. 24-25, 2023

Here's what attendees and exhibitors can expect from the annual Florida Swimming... More

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Meet NESPA President Julie Kazdin

Read how NESPA is ushering in the next generation of pool industry leadership with... More

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Financing Dreams into Reality

Helping your clients understand the loan process can be the key to a happy... More

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What to Expect at the National Plasterers Council's Annual Conference

Discover the latest from the National Plasterers Council as the group heads into... More

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The Greening of Cement?

Learn how cement producers have looked for ways to reduce their carbon footprint... More

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Riverbend Sandler Pools Makes Another Acquisition in Texas

Learn about the latest addition to the company's portfolio. More

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International Pool | Spa | Patio / Deck Expo Enjoys Post-Pandemic Boost

With attendance projected to rival 2019, the event brought together the industry... More

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Series: Educating the Customer

Selling the Alternatives, Part 3: AOP

Advanced Oxidation Process merges the benefits of two long-standing alternative...

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Technically Speaking

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The Finer Points of Water Treatment

An expert clears up some misunderstood aspects of pool sanitization. More

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Addressing the Nutgrass Problem Around Swimming Pools

Take a look at how this nuisance grows and a proposed remedy. More

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Corrosion Mitigation and Control in Swimming Pools

Now that you’ve learned how corrosion occurs and the different types, follow this... More

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How to Get the Most from Your Chlorine

Learn how to make this sanitizer work as efficiently as possible. More

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Frame to Frame: Engaging Customers Through Video is Easier Than You Think!

From equipment to content, learn this expert's advice for developing your company’... More

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Pool & Puppies: How to Guide New Dog Owners

Pool maintenance is hard enough without adding a puppy into the mix! Your clients... More

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Making the Pitch for Swimming Pool Sanitizing Equipment

When selling sanitizing equipment, particularly newer technologies, professionals... More

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