Depending on where you live, spring is here or will be shortly. It’s the season for new things, and the time to make changes. You might be able to turn this to your financial advantage.

With warmer temperatures on the way, homeowners are faced with another season of caring for their pools. For some, the excitement of having a pool might have worn off a bit and the enthusiasm for doing the day-to-day work of caring for their investment is similarly lower.

Now’s the time to prospect for new customers. Even if you contacted a homeowner in your service area a couple years ago when you saw the pool going in, try again. They might’ve thought when they first had the pool that caring for it involved no more than scooping up some leaves and throwing a couple chlorine tabs in the feeder. A couple years’ worth of water chemistry headaches might have changed their minds.

Even if a do-it-yourselfer doesn’t want regular service, they still might have some pool projects they’ve been putting off that they’re willing to pay a professional to do. Clean a DE filter for a customer once and they might call when they’re finally ready to be a regular customer.

So, take some time at the end of your route in the next couple weeks and do some prospecting. You might find some gold.