You don’t see many any commercials on television for pool products, at least not in the U.S. But maybe Australia has a long, proud history of promoting pool supplies over the airwaves. From the country that gave us PoolWerx, I present this cheesetastic piece of 1980s advertising that features an enchantress exhorting the virtues of an automatic chlorinator.

Behold this 30-second wonder from Watermaid.

Brilliant, right? And how about that jingle? Because it’s a slow news week, I’ve painstakingly transcribed the lyrics so you can sing along.

Save your money Save your time
And keep your piece of mind
No chemicals for little hands
Or doggy paws to find
And why put up with itchy eyes
Or runny nose again?
Just install a Watermaid
And let the fun begin!

Off the Deep End is an occasional blog from PSN Senior Editor Nate Traylor.