“Sure, wikis are an interesting way to look up facts and figures. But are they really useful in a business setting? You might be surprised at how a strong, well-populated wiki can help your business grow. Try one of these ideas for using The Aquapedia wiki in your business and see how far a little information can go.

1. Gather business information. Business owners and managers need current industry statistics and data to plan inventory needs, predict trends and create business plans. As The Aquapedia is updated by industry insiders, the pages can trigger ideas in your own business planning efforts.

2. Plan your education. The Aquapedia’s Events category is the perfect place to find new industry events and education. (If you plan educational events for industry professionals or customers, the Events category can help you connect to people specifically looking for pool and spa information.)

3. Compare information at trade shows. If you have a cell phone or laptop with access to the Internet while you’re at a trade show, you can use The Aquapedia to call up information on companies, products and industry standards. Having information in one place makes it easier to compare and contrast.

4. Train your employees. Although most employers struggle to keep employees from surfing the Web during work hours, using The Aquapedia could be a smart exception. Both new and seasoned pool and spa professionals can benefit from reviewing industry terminology and information. Business owners can use the information to test employees, and employees can check back for page updates.

5. Create confidence in your customers. Consumers today want more information about the products and services they buy. If you have a pool and spa retail outlet, consider having a computer terminal open to The Aquapedia for customers to search for information. The more they learn while in your store, the more likely it is they’ll make a purchase from you. (Make sure your information is on the wiki, however. See the article Wiki the Easy Way to learn how to add pages and content.)


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The new Aquapedia wiki for the pool and spa industry gives fresh meaning to the term “group project.”

  • Wiki the Easy Way

You can help fill the industry’s pool of knowledge in three easy steps.


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