The cost of new customer acquisition is higher than ever and pool and spa professionals know that repeat customers tend to spend more and have a greater impact on profits. As consumers start paying closer attention to prices, it’s extremely important to avoid losing clients to other suppliers.

The goal is to create incredible customer loyalty so that your customers never consider shopping elsewhere. From mobile apps that enhance the shopping experience to e-commerce and loyalty rewards programs, technology provides competitive advantages to pool and spa professionals focused on building customer loyalty.

In-store shopping apps: Keep your store hip and relevant by having new technology to promote. New mobile apps can enhance the retail experience providing a smooth and efficient checkout that makes customers want to return in the future. New the EZ Shop app, allows customers to use ‘scan and go’ shopping within the retail store. Easily downloaded from a QR code placed at the front of the store or at the register, customers can login to their online bill pay, view past orders, create shopping lists and then scan the products they need as they walk through the store. The app syncs with any discounts within the customer’s profile and can even be programmed with specials such as BOGO items. All scanned items are quickly pulled up for payment at check out. The app is designed to make shopping and check-out fast and easy. The technology is fun to use and a perfect way to build customer loyalty.

E-commerce online shopping cart: These new in-store apps integrate seamlessly with online e-stores for a superior shopping experience. And let’s face it, every brick-and-mortar store today should have an online presence — it’s expected! Luckily there are integrated pool and spa business software packages that make it easy to set up an online store that allows clients to order, pay, and arrange for delivery or pick-up of their supplies online or on their phone. Be sure your business software includes online bill pay and pool industry integrations, so that inventory and delivery dates are accurate. These integrated technology tools ensure a superior customer service experience to drive long-term customer loyalty.

Greater loyalty through rewards: Consumers love rewards programs and these programs are a great way to drive customer loyalty by providing perks with every purchase. But for many business owners and store managers, managing a rewards program feels daunting! Luckily, the RB software program makes it easy to create and manage a loyalty rewards program. It automatically tracks purchase history and helps you determine which customers are loyal and which may be at risk so you can adjust your marketing efforts accordingly.

Now is the time to implement an integrated business software designed specifically for pool and spa businesses in order to unify every aspect of your business operations so you can provide the best experience to your customers and create enduring customer loyalty and profits.