Pool and spa businesses are adding easy-to-implement tech tools that boost customer convenience and help build customer loyalty. In-store shopping apps, online bill pay systems and loyalty rewards offer simple technology solutions that are convenient for customers to use and can help differentiate your business from competitors to thrive in 2024.

1. In-store shopping apps

Your customers are the reason you are in business, so give them an easier, more seamless buying experience. This is where implementing an in-store shopping app can boost the ease and convenience of shopping at your store and be a key differentiator to increase sales next season.

In-store shopping apps, such as the new the EZ Shop app, allows customers to use ‘scan and go’ shopping within the retail store. Customers can create shopping lists and then scan the products they need as they walk through the store. The EZ Shop app syncs with any discounts in the customer’s profile and can be programmed with specials. All scanned items are quickly pulled up for payment making shopping and check-out fast and easy. Providing a smooth and efficient (and fun!) checkout enhances the customer experience so they want to return in the future.

2. Online payment system

When was the last time you evaluated your customer’s buying process? Are you making the path to purchase as easy as possible? If your answer is no, this is a great time to look to technology solutions like an e-commerce site with an easy-to-use online payment system.

Integrated pool and spa business software makes it easy to set up an online e-commerce store so clients can order, pay, and arrange for delivery or pick-up of their supplies online. Be sure you have an online bill pay solution to make the buying process seamless and easy. Online Bill Pay creates a reliable billing process so customers can pay bills, process credit cards and eliminate mistakes to ensure the correct end-of-the-day tally. Using pool industry integrations will also ensure inventory and delivery dates are accurate to set and meet customer expectations.

3. Loyalty programs

Remember to look for opportunities to create and build positive customer relationships and loyalty. Consumers love rewards programs that provide perks with every purchase while increasing customer loyalty. Luckily, there are simple tech solutions, such as the RB Fun Pass, that make it easy to create and manage a loyalty rewards program to automatically track purchase history and determine which customers are loyal and which may be at risk so you can adjust your marketing efforts accordingly.

‘Make it easy’ mindset

Having a ‘make-it-easy-for-customers’ mindset points to the importance of implementing an integrated business software designed specifically for pool and spa businesses. Unifying your business operations will provide the best customer experience and enduring loyalty and profits. Easy-to-implement technology solutions will make your pool and spa business a convenient place to shop to ensure a loyal customer base and a steady stream of profits in 2024.

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