To hear marketers tell it, if you want to grab the attention of increasingly distracted consumers, video is the only way to go.

Sorry, photos.

That might not sit well with pool builders who spend a fair amount of money hiring professional photographers to capture magazine-worthy images of their backyard creations.

Fortunately, a new service will convert your flat, lifeless photos into eye-catching 3-D video.

Small Screen Producer, a digital marketing firm serving the pool industry, recently launched Photo Alive 3D. The program adds depth and dimension to any photo — no 3-D glasses necessary. Pictures not only pop, but they’re animated to give the impression that a camera lens is zooming in and tracking left and right.

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Photo Alive 3D, Animated Photos by Small Screen Producer from Small Screen Producer on Vimeo.

Lauren Tomko, video production manager, said the firm can work with most any photo with adequate resolution. A shot taken with your smartphone would do the trick. Just be sure to capture things in the foreground, such as waterfeatures and fire features.

“You have to be particular with the angle,” she advised. “You don’t want a flat picture. It should have some depth to it.”

The turnaround time is generally two to three days.

Videos are around 10 seconds long, perfect for Facebook and Instagram.

Photo Alive 3D joins a plethora of services and tools builders are using to showcase their projects, including drones and 360-degree cameras.