David Townley
Bobby Hill David Townley

Welcome to the first “View from the Top”! In the days ahead, I’ll be sharing comments by leaders of pool and spa companies. Sometimes the topic will be light-hearted, sometimes serious but always, I hope, entertaining.

For this first “View,” I decided it would be fun to explore what might happen if you “knew then what you know now.” That thought has certainly caused many a singer to turn contemplative, as evidenced in songs on that theme by everyone from Lady Antebellum to the Kenny Rogers and Gladys Knight duet.

Here’s what happened when I asked David Townley, president of Townley Pool & Spa in Little Rock, Ark., to complete the sentence: “If I knew then what I know now, I would have ___.” He says, “… I would have listened to my mom more. My mom, Tracye Townley, who started our business is a brilliant ‘customer service’ oriented person. She knew from the very start how to treat the customer right and make them feel special. I could have used some of those skills in college and in my early days as a young Naval officer. However, I feel like we have it down now, and that is why Townley Pool & Spa is so successful and extremely well liked in the community.”