Google “dog spas” and within seconds, you’ll have 8.2 million entries at your fingertips. Wow! There are places such as Happy Tails Resort & Spa in Auburn, Wash., which boasts the “ultimate dog pool” and American Pet Spot & Resort in Argyle, Texas, with two outdoor dog pools, side by side. As an animal lover, I like the idea of dropping Rover off at a dog spa for a day of pampering, especially if the place has a swimming pool. I know, some think it’s crazy to spoil pets like that, but if you can afford a little extra TLC once in a while for the furry member of your family, I say go for it.

Anyway, if you think pet spas are a new notion, think again. Back in 1985, Pool & Spa News carried a story about a brand-new type of health spa in Los Angeles. The Doggery Animal Center included a “gym” with a treadmill and canine aerobics classes and -- the piece de resistance -- a hydrotherapy whirlpool for pooches. The vessel had six jets and a filter system with covered intake and centrifical pump to keep it from clogging with dog hair. Contractor Dale Adams, who designed the dog health spa and installed the whirlpool, said he had put in many spas and hot tubs in the past, but never one for canines. “I think it’s helped quite a few dogs that have had muscle problems or injuries,” he observed. “They’re moving a lot more freely now.” Alas, the dog health spa has since closed, but as we know, it has been replaced by thousands of others across the nation.

I’d like to leave you with this YouTube video of some happy dogs enjoying a communal soak: