In an industry historically dominated by men, more women are coming onto the scene. The Florida Swimming Pool Association wants to help them learn about each other and network with one another.

This September, FSPA began a YouTube video series called Women in the Swimming Pool Industry. Currently, there are four videos posted on the organization’s YouTube channel. In each, six women who play various roles throughout the industry answer the same question about their experience. Topics include how it feels to be a woman in the industry, access to equal opportunity, their current and past roles, and what they love about their work.

The idea for this series was born at last year’s Everything Under the Sun Expo. FSPA invited women to meet at the event, and they formed a networking group called Natant — an old industry term that means swimming or floating. There is also a private Facebook group.

“It’s important to make women feel empowered and believe they can be industry leaders as well,” said Wendy Parker Barsell, FSPA executive director.

She’d like to see more women take leadership roles in FSPA and hopes the videos and networking group will help.

Watch the first video below.