4500 Blalock
Houston, TX 77041

Scott Waldo

Make sure as the CEO that I am the best boss not the best employee. —Scott Waldo

Total residential construction revenue: $26,600,000

Number of pool excavations: 363

Number of locations: 3

Rank in previous years
2016: 9
2015: 14
2014: 7
2013: 12

Platinum Pools has been serving the greater Houston area since 1998.

Words of Wisdom

We asked each 2017 Top 50 CEO: What was the best new idea your company implemented in the last two years?

Scott Waldo, CEO
We now have weekly department head meetings, where we have set Key Performance Indicators. The KPIs have helped us to stay focused, set goals and achieve them in a timely manner. It may sound like a small change but it's had a tremendous impact on us.

Meet the Company's MVP

In 2016, we asked each CEO to name the employee whose contributions directly impacted their firm's success.

Mark Wyner, Staff Designer
Mark is a fantastic designer who listens to the customer’s needs. He is great on follow-up, answering questions and concerns in a timely manner. He has a great attitude, is organized at one-on-one meetings and is willing to help his fellow sales staff when they need a little guidance.