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How Pool Financing Fits In During Post-Covid Times

In the near future, financing opportunities are expected to remain healthy. Follow... More

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New Path for Pool Financing

The pool industry has completely changed since the 2008 housing crash. More

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Financial Freedom?

Edwards Pools began offering financing to its vinyl-liner pool customers last year... More

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Pool Financing Evolves Through Recession

In response to ongoing struggles over consumer financing, the swimming pool... More

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From All Angles

The economic crisis is a serious matter, but many still find time for gallows humor. More

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An Industry Leader’s Take on the Economy

Challenging economic conditions have industry leaders pondering the current state of affairs and where the nation is headed. Manuel J. Perez de la Mesa, president/CEO of distributor giant PoolCorp in Covington, La., offers some insights. More

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Lending Crisis Spreads to ‘Alt-A’ Loans

The housing bust that’s hurting pool construction first struck the subprime lending market last year. Then, this summer, even major brokerage houses began pulling back from lending money to their wealthy clients. More


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