Capturing the view

A simple renovation became an extreme makeover when designer Scott Cohen decided to completely replace the existing pool — a poorly positioned rectangle that didn’t highlight the nearby golf course and orchards.

“The pool was centered in the backyard, and an aboveground spa blocked the views,” says Cohen, president of The Green Scene Landscaping and Pools in Northridge, Calif. “The flow in the yard was terrible. The pool was too close to the house and split the yard in half — when you walked out, you were forced to the left or right.”

A sweeping radius edge was chosen to guide the eye over the entire horizon. “They get a really great sunset view,” Cohen says. “At the end of the work day, they enjoy going into the backyard, pouring a glass of wine and watching the sunset. They showed me the best spots to view the sunset.” A blue glass tile further enhanced the mirror effect.