David Hobaica, Owner
Easton Pool & Spa, Easton, Mass.

Jason Pontbriant, Landscape Designer
Duxbury Gardeners, Kingston, Mass.

Seamless Solution

Vision in Bluestone

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David Hobaica, Owner, Easton Pool & Spa, Easton, Mass.
Jason Pontbriant, Landscape Designer, Duxbury Gardeners, Kingston, Mass.

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The goal here was to integrate a new pool and deck into a lived-in Northeastern abode with an existing bluestone deck. Thanks to some strategic materials choices, the final product gives new life to the property, yet seems like it’s been there all along.

A classic rectangular pool was chosen, its orientation determined by the tight setbacks on the property. The vessel was built using Easton’s PermaCrete construction process, with a 10-inch-thick, steel-reinforced wall and 4-to-6-inch fiber-reinforced concrete bottom. The stairs, hot tub and deep-end corner seats also were fashioned of concrete before the vinyl liner was added.

The existing bluestone patio adjacent to the home had been in place for years. To avoid a clear delineation between new stone and old, the team pulled some of the pavers from the patio and worked them among the new material in the pool deck. Newer pieces were then incorporated into the existing patio.

A complementary blue tile was chosen for the raised bond beam/planter, which was added to enhance the privacy afforded by the large existing trees in the background.

All but those largest trees were brought in new. Blue spruce make a visual connection with the bluestone. Designer Jason Pontbriant made sure to balance the reds found in the Bloodgood Japanese Maple with yellow specimens. Knock-out roses provide colorful blooms well into autumn with relatively little maintenance. The Japanese maple was centered on the pool and uplit with two bulbs so it draws focus at night.