Open approach: This pool was built as the existing home was being remodeled to a more contemporary style. The architect, Joe Dougherty, created an open design that included a second floor walkway with glass railings. This approach carries over to the aquascape, with a translucent waterwall on the pool and see-through glass spillover wall on the spa. The waterwall provides a focal point as one approaches the residence. “The pool fit into the project like a glove,” says Jeff Hunt. The customers also wanted a lap pool. To integrate the long, narrow body of water with the house, the designers wrapped it around a pillar of the home, creating a cozy alcove with a sun shelf and swim-up bar stools. On the pillar, the tile color slowly graduates from a predominantly white blend to match the house, to darker hues that coordinate with the pool’s black plaster/glass bead interior. The design team and client chose a blend of blue, green and clear glass tile inspired by the ocean.

Best vantage point: The second-story spa allows clear views of the Gulf of Mexico. Water spills over all four walls, then goes down the textured, backlit glass waterwall and into the pool. The homeowner wanted the option of running the waterwall while soaking in the spa. To allow this without wasting hot water, Cox Pools installed a separate plumbing line that, when the system is in spa mode, will fill the trough around the spa with cold water, which then overflows and runs down the wall.