Marty Melanson

Brad Cross | Architect, Designer, Engineer | Waterworks Pools and Spas | Moncton, N.B., Canada

Bringing Balance

Dynamic visual appeal was the chief objective of this design by Brad Cross, project manager at Waterworks Pools and Spas in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. On that front, he delivered in spades.

One feature the clients insisted upon was a soccer-field flat backyard. To overcome the 2 to 3 feet of slope on either side, Waterworks installed a retaining wall and an extensive subsurface drainage system, creating the level outdoor space the homeowners desired.

Large square slabs of textured concrete further underscore the slate-flat surface, but subtle contrasts in color and material add interest. Consider the slightly raised elevation at the back of the pool. It stands 6 inches taller to highlight the three square spillover bowls. The dark charcoal contrasts with the slate gray color of the front of the pool. Between the smooth slabs are rough riverstones.

Marty Melanson

Cross also brought balance to the backyard, which originally was lopsided due to the neighbor’s 10-foot-tall fence to the left. Cross remedied this with a privacy trellis on top of the cedar back wall, making the adjacent structures level. The pool house adds symmetry on the right.

The trellis provides much-needed privacy, fully blocking any views from neighbors’ first-floor windows.

Cross’ favorite feature is the cedar wall, which is a work of art at night. Landscape lighting on the plants create playful shadows which sway in the breeze.

Marty Melanson

Vinyl liner: Latham
Pump, filter, heater, controller, chemical feeder, automatic cleaner, lights: Hayward Pool Products
Waterfeature: Phoenix Precast
Drain covers/fittings: Paramount
Skimmers: Waterway