Pools should be sparkling, clean, inviting, and fun. Builders, retailers, and service professionals work tirelessly to ensure their clients have an enjoyable pool ownership experience. Thus, it is important to address cleaning practices early in the conversation, to set expectations, offer guidance, and provide solutions. The goal is to ensure the customer finds their pool easy to maintain, without any stress or hassle. To help ease the “cleaning conversation,” pool professionals find it helpful to introduce robotic and hand-held cleaners that automate the process and make it easy for clients to keep their water sparkling and its surfaces free of debris.

Talk about technology

When it comes to pool cleaners, especially automated ones, the technology built into these products makes maintenance and cleaning easier for homeowners. Consumers love and are comfortable with technology that helps with daily chores. Therefore, these pool cleaning conversations can begin with examples of technology they already use and trust. For instance, some professionals like to compare pool cleaners to dishwashers. You can wash the dishes manually, but you do not want to, so you run the dishwasher every day to keep the dishes clean. Similarly, one should keep a robotic cleaner in their pool or a battery-operated cleaner near their pool, so it is always easy to have clean water.

Talk about cordless and hand-held cleaners

It is important to explain the benefits of advanced robotic or self-contained, hand-held pool cleaners that are cordless and hoseless. Many customers may not even be aware these products exist. The emergence of cordless cleaning with premium hand-held and robotic options offers technology benefits consumers will love. Not only are they light-weight and powerful, these cleaners are also re-chargeable!

Keeping pools clean between service visits is another important point to mention with pool owners. Stairs always have junk that accumulates on their surfaces and homeowners need or want to be able to spot clean those steps and corners before parties and between weekly maintenance trips.

This is where cordless, hoseless hand-held, battery-powered cleaners really help. In fact, because so many service technicians now use these hand-held, cordless vacuums, customers see them using these cleaners on the pool, realize how simple it is to operate, and want to have one as well. As a result, many service professionals say the majority of their sales of hand-held, battery-operated cleaners come from their existing customer base. Making sure pool owners have both a robotic and a cordless, hoseless and rechargeable hand-held cleaner makes the cleaning conversation a non-issue.

Easy cleaning conversations

Homeowners want their pools to look beautiful at any time, on any day. The cleanliness of the pool surface is key. Automatic cleaners offer a solution to customers with a finite amount of time to spend cleaning their pools. When a new pool owner is first introduced to the many steps of care necessary to properly maintain a pool, they are sometimes overwhelmed. Automatic cleaners make the process easier and less time consuming. By addressing and solving the cleaning issue early on, pool professionals are ensuring their clients are happy with their purchase and their company is inherently building customer loyalty. This also helps them sell more products and more services and provide a steady stream of additional profits.

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