Here are four new products from Pwlshrk, Jack's Magic, ControlOMatic and Anderson Manufacturing.


The new Multi-Tork Model MT-1005 features stainless steel pins that are matched in pairs hand-welded on both sides of the face plate. Pins fit matching holes on four of the most popular commercial floor deflectors. Designed to quickly ratchet out deflectors instead of chipping away at surface material. Also helps convert Sta-Rite Inlets to Hayward versions. Contact: Pwlshrk Inc, (813)929-7818;



The Fitting Saver from Anderson Manufacturing is design to provide long-term fixes to broken or cracked return fittings. Described as a ‘Frankenplug’ the saver goes into a broken fitting and creates a seal in both the threads and the pipe beyond the break. A .75- inch open pipes extends through the seals to allow water to pass through. It is available in 4- or 14 inch sizes.

Contact: Anderson Manufacturing Co., Inc, (800)348-1316;

Natural Enzymes

Jack’s Magic has a new enzyme product called the Natural Multi-Enzyme Super Pacs. These Pacs are a blend of powerful enzymes. The Pacs don’t require mixing or measuring, users drop the water soluble bag into the skimmer. Offers up to two weeks of protections and one ounce treats up to 20,000 gallons of water. Various storage sizes are available. Contact: Jack’s Magic Products Inc, (727)243-8650;

Mini Me

MiniChlor is  a new spa salt water system that is designed to generate continuous spa sanitation without moving parts, separate buttons, control boxes or times, all built in to the device. Device is designed to make chlorine or bromine on 3 hour cycles. Can be used on 110VAC outlets or 220 GFCI protected power sources. Comes with power cord and salt and chlorine test strips. Contact: ControlOMatic, (530)205-4520;