For an earthy look, landscape glass with a green and brown accent works well.
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For an earthy look, landscape glass with a green and brown accent works well.

Among the simple pleasures in life, I’d rate a quiet walk along a garden path high on the list. Whether you’re seeking to be alone with your thoughts – or sharing a stroll with a special someone – it can really rejuvenate body and soul.

No wonder many homeowners pay special attention to this backyard detail.

Typically, such paths are covered with bark or gravel mulch. But homeowners have another option: glass. Yes, colorful, sparkly glass. Talk about making a backyard pop!

Tumbled recycled glass – aka landscape glass or cullet – usually comes in 1/2- to 1-inch pieces and is available from manufacturers for around $1.89 to $4 a pound. And it can be just about any hue or color combination imaginable. (Not to worry: By tumbling the glass, it removes any sharp edges, making it a safe option.)

Some are calling this the newest trend in unique, eco-friendly, “green” landscaping.

Besides aesthetic reasons for using glass, it also is a permeable substitute for concrete paths, allowing water to soak into the ground and decreasing storm water run-off. It doesn’t fade over time and is extremely long-lasting – estimates range from 1,000 to 1 million years for glass to decompose!

Not surprisingly, there are other backyard applications for tumbled recycled glass – as a decorative touch for outdoor fire pits and gas fireplaces, fountains, and fish ponds.  Oh, and it’s a natural deterrent to slugs – it seems the little buggers hate to travel over glass, so if it encircles a garden or flower bed, that’s one less critter to worry about.

See you next time, when this column will explore another cool material for the backyard.