As helpful as new technologies might be, a foolproof, all-in-one pool sanitation solution still hasn’t been invented yet. That’s why it can be helpful to recommend chemical automation products that work well together, such as the following.


Many service technicians recommend boosting the power of mineral purifiers by adding a UV system — this helps destroy other microbes that copper and silver ions might not be able to kill. For clients who want to avoid chemicals as much as possible, this combination provides an alternative to traditional sanitation methods.


Like UV, ozone uses waves of electromagnetic energy to inactivate and/or kill microorganisms in the water. Some pool professionals install ozone systems in addition to UV, while some new systems actually combine both technologies for enhanced effectiveness.

Advanced filtration

Some companies have developed filters with anti-microbial layers, allowing them to kill microorganisms that pass through them. Techs say these products can provide a superb second layer of defense against waterborne pathogens.