As always, organizers are trying to offer a broad spectrum of subjects, WPSS Vice President Peter Haverlation says. In all, there are 86 seminars covering technical and business topics, plus laws and regulations. Additionally, a two-day CPO class and IPSSA water chemistry prep course and test are slated.

“No matter how many [seminars] we give, chemistry classes draw the best overall,” Haverlation says. Noting that there’s always “a big influx of new people” in the service sector, he says the desire for water chemistry instruction is high. So show organizers responded with six chemistry classes over the course of the three-day show — five on basic water chemistry (including one in Spanish) and an advanced session.

The technical lineup includes courses on hydraulics, understanding and repairing various types of equipment, electricity, pool maintenance, hazardous material transport and service trucks, and more.

On the business side are sessions on avoiding claims and court, improving visibility and profits, business management, and how to perform energy efficiency reviews.

New classes on the docket this year include “Raise Your Rates without Losing a Single Customer”; “Chemical Controllers: How They Work, Associated Problems”; “12 Myths About Water Maintenance”; and “Hydraulic Component Compatibility, Sizing Pumps Filter/Plumbing” — to name just a few.

For those wanting to stay abreast of laws and regulations, there’s the “Virginia Graeme Baker Act/Make Your Pools Safe” (Thursday, 1-2:45 p.m.). Or check out “Commercial Pools: New Environmental Health Codes” (Friday, 10-10:45 a.m.) and “Make Titles 20/24 Work for You and be Legal (Friday, 1-2:45 p.m.). Saturday features “Legislative & Regulatory Issues Affecting the Pool & Spa Industry” (10-11:45 a.m.).

Ten classes in Spanish will be offered all three days because, as Haverlation notes, Spanish-speaking technicians represent a growing industry segment. Sessions will cover the following topics: heater repair; phosphates; business management; pool solar service issues; hydraulics; QuickBooks; chlorine generators; and basic water chemistry.