Although summer has ended and clients aren’t calling for weekly pool maintenance, this is the ideal time for pool professionals to actively promote the benefits of deep cleaning pools before winterizing. Doing deeper cleaning and seasonal maintenance in the fall and winter will ensure quick and easy pool openings in the spring. Whether your pool business is in a mild climate or in an area where frost and snow are the winter norm, it’s important to educate your clients on the benefits of a deep cleaning maintenance routine before winter to protect their pool investment for years of enjoyment.

Cleaning pools thoroughly

Before pool professionals fully winterize pools, doing a deep cleaning will help prevent pool surface staining, algae growth and may even uncover areas that need repair. Commercial-grade, hand-held pool vacs have become an essential tool for pool professionals as they deep clean pools before winterizing. There are now convenient, hand-held battery-powered cleaners with no hoses and no cords that make deep cleaning pools quick and easy. Look for a pool vac with features such as a high-flow, commercial grade pump for deep cleaning, and a large debris capacity to help tackle any size pool in minutes. In addition, by choosing a cordless, hose-less, battery-operated pool cleaner, pool professionals can clean and inspect simultaneously. Cracks on tiles or gunite, tears on pool liners, broken light fixtures, can all be easily spotted and addressed while doing a deep clean. In areas with lots of trees and foliage, pool professionals can empower their customers to prevent staining from foliage by selling them a powerful cordless skimming leaf vacuum that can do keep up with the job of reaching stubborn leaves at the bottom of the pool floor AND skim the top-side leaves at the surface. This type of convenient to use pool vacuum will make the leaf-removal process quick and easy for pool owners so that pool professionals can get to the more complex (and higher-profit) pool winterizing and maintenance work.

Winterizing with pool cleaners increases revenue

Pool professionals agree that investing in a handheld, cordless, battery powered commercial grade pool cleaner for their service techs, is the best way to cut down the amount of time it takes to deep clean pools, especially in tough corners, nooks, steps, seats and around water features and slides. Keeping these cordless, battery-operated pool cleaners in service vehicles provides techs with a convenient solution to quickly finish the work of deep cleaning the water and surfaces of the pool, so that they can spend more time on the more profitable work of upgrading to salt-chorine generators and variable speed pumps as well as replacing lights, heaters and filters.

Additionally, pool professionals focused on ensuring their clients find pool ownership hassle-free, find that selling their clients a cordless, hand-held skimming leaf vacuum helps promote the ease of keeping pool clean between service visits. In fact, savvy pool builders often include a cordless, hand-held skimming leaf vacuum into their initial start-up package or as a gift for the holidays, as a way to generate customer loyalty, especially for their clients that have pools in areas of dense foliage.

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