We’re completing a pretty large waterfeature inside a bar down by the beach. It’s a pool with an 8-foot-high natural stone waterfeature.

It’s in Lake Como, N.J. — a beach town — so it’s more geared toward the summer environment. We had to satisfy several different appeals. During the day, people can go in the pool. It’s only about 300- or 400 square feet, because it’s just meant to cool off. At night, customers aren’t allowed to use the pool, so it’s purely visual, with fire features, laser lights and fog effects.

It’s our first inside commercial waterfeature. We had to get structural engineers involved and build up an 8-foot-high natural-rock waterfall and grotto. It was a small space to work within, so it had to be staged properly.

I’d say the biggest lesson we learned about this kind of project was that if you think it’s going to take two weeks, it’s going to take four, particularly when you’re dealing with natural elements.