Thanks to a $100,000 state grant, Florida’s building officials can get up to speed on commercial pool codes.

More than a dozen courses are scheduled through February to educate the Sunshine State’s 400-plus building departments on plan-review processes for commercial swimming pools and spas.

The Florida Swimming Pool Association, along with the United Pool & Spa Association, the Building Officials Association of Florida (BOAF) and the Florida Department of Health developed the course.

Classes are $5 and open to plans examiners, health inspectors, licensed contractors and code officials.

Upon completion, building officials will receive four hours of continuing education credits.

“The Department of Health felt it was important to educate folks and get everyone on the same page,” said John O'Connor, BOAF president.

The classes are sorely needed.

A law went into effect last summer placing building officials responsible of approving plans for public and privately-owned commercial pools – something that had long been under the state health department's purview.

It hasn’t exactly been a smooth transition.

“All of a sudden these building department guys that don’t see many commercial pools in the less touristy parts of the state were thrown for a loop, because now they’re looking at fluid hydraulics and chemical systems,” said John “J.C.” Centera, a course instructor and former the president of the United Pool & Spa Association.

This was one of several projects FSPA and UPSA collaborated on before the two trade groups unified.

"The feedback we've received from people is that it's been very, very helpful," Centera said.

Here is the list of upcoming classes.