Experts agree that the most effective sales technique for energy-efficient equipment is to show the customer the results of an energy audit calculation — but even so, making a few extra preparations can further increase the likelihood of a sale.

Here are a few sales boosters that are worth trying:

Get certified

Before engaging in the activities of a swimming pool energy auditor, it’s a smart idea to take training to become a nationally recognized “Certified Aquatic Auditor.” Sharing this certification with a customer will help validate the audit, increasing its chance of successfully contributing to a sale.

Bring references

“I bring along letters of recommendation from large commercial properties I’ve saved a lot of money — sometimes in the $20,000 range — by replacing their single-speed pumps with variable-speed ones,” says Tom Cucinotta, owner of Cucinotta’s Pool Service in Lake Worth, Fla. Even if residential customers can’t expect to see savings on that scale, big numbers like these are always eye-catching.

Sell safety

Many of the latest variable-speed pumps also include Safety Vacuum Release Systems, which shut off the pump automatically in the event of a main drain blockage. So it pays to remind the customer that they won’t just be saving money — they could very well be saving lives, too.