Todd Stahl

Several executives at Viking Pools are moving up into new positions.

Todd Stahl, the son of Viking founder Alan Stahl, has reached the end of his five-year term as company president and is transitioning into the role of senior adviser for the company. His term began when Viking was acquired by Latham International in 2005.

Tom Straub, formerly vice president of sales and marketing, has been promoted to president.

“This is a very orderly transition for Viking,” said Mark Laven, president/CEO of Latham International in Latham, N.Y., of which Viking is a division. “Stahl grew up in this industry, and knew it like the back of his hand, but he’s completed his five-year agreement with Latham, and has other business interests he wants to pursue.”

Laven added that he sees the transition as a win-win for all involved, and believes the executive staff will thrive under Straub’s leadership. “Straub has already done a great job growing our business,” he said. “He’s got a solid skill set, and I’ve got a lot of confidence that he’ll be an effective president for Viking.”

Management in the firm’s manufacturing division also is undergoing some changes. Bill Reynolds, formerly general manager of the Midland, Texas, manufacturing plant, is being promoted to director of manufacturing for all Viking locations. Reynolds is stepping into the role formerly filled by Jeff Dryja, who passed away this summer.

Laven sees Reynolds as an obvious choice for the position due to his industry experience and the insights he brings to the job, noting, “He is a veteran of the business ... a hard worker and a smart guy; he deserved this opportunity.”

Despite these shifts in roles, Straub emphasized that Stahl will remain active within Viking’s infrastructure, advising on ways to expand the business. He added that he’s excited to move forward with the former president on new initiatives over the coming year. “We may be looking at acquisitions, or even green-field growth of new facilities,” Straub said. “We’re really going to focus on expansion and growth.”