1. Superior Pools of Southwest Florida

Jon Krawczyk, CEO
Port Charlotte, Fla.

Relationship Building

The concept is simple but not always easy: Work closely with customers from inception to construction. They should feel like a vital part of the process, but that you’re doing the heavy lifting. To foster a good rapport, provide customers with a consistent contact person to answer any questions and issues.

When it comes to cultivating customer relationships, Superior Pools of Southwest Florida starts from the first interaction with the customer.

CEO Jon Krawczyk likes to have customers come in and learn about the process. “We don’t email quotes. If someone wants a number, they sit in front of us and get it. We bring back the old-school face-to-face,” he says.

Superior Pools has used this approach since 2013. While Krawczyk admits some customers walk away, he says the ones who stay end up satisfied.

To create a bond, Krawczyk works to build trust by sticking to the initial figures quoted in the contract and being honest and upfront about his building process. “I tell people, ‘You will have problems, but the difference is we’ll be there to fix them,’” he says.

The efforts have paid off, as customer feedback showed: “Superior Pools not only met our expectations, they surpassed them,” says an anonymous customer in Punta Gorda, Fla. in their survey. “Chad took ownership of the project and was on top of everything from the start. He worked with our [Home Owners Association] and the landscapers, which made the entire process a breeze for us. You could tell that the installers took pride in their work. ... The follow up after the pool was completed is exceptional. We loved working with Chad, Danielle, John, Josh, Pat, and everyone else. They are all great!”