It’s time once again to recognize the pool builders who shine the brightest.

The group has become more diverse in the last three years, due to judging that now considers staffing practices, networking, community service and web presence, as well as residential construction revenue. But that doesn’t mean there’s a lack of financial heft: In 2013, the Top 50 earned nearly $742 million in total revenue, $572 million of which came from residential construction.

This group offers proof that the industry is seeing strong growth. 2012’s Top 50 reported 7,156 digs, while this crop broke ground 9,910 times in 2013.

As far as regions represented, Texas continues to lead the pack with 15 firms calling the Lone Star State home. Meanwhile, five builders are from California, six from Florida and three from Arizona. Massachusetts, New York and Pennsylvania held their own, with three each.

This year also sees eight newcomers to the list. Of those, three are licensees of Premier Pools & Spas, which had to submit separately due to a rule barring franchise and licensing operations from applying as one entity.

Check out the slideshow to learn more vital stats, as well as to see which builders were named the top in customer service, and who was named Most Valuable Player of each builder.

Click here  to see the complete list of Top 50 builders for 2014. You also can view the builders' annual revenue here .