Alan Smith Plastering in City of Orange, Calif., held its second annual Pool Service Appreciation Day, meant to share information about interior finishes, their application and behavior in chemically treated water.

“The majority of the work we do is from referrals from the service industry, so it’s a way of giving back, instructionally, so [techs] know about our product,” said Owner Alan Smith.

He taught a class about how different materials react to water chemistry and demonstrated how plaster and pebble are applied, as well as the operation of a 40,000-psi water blasting system for stripping finishes or etching them in preparation for resurfacing. Additionally, Greg Garrett taught his popular course in pool forensics, which shows how to diagnose problems with pool and spa finishes.

The more than 100 in attendance also took advantage of a mini-tabletop show and spoke with vendors, some of whom helped sponsor the event or donate raffle prizes, including a cruise to Mexico.