Theoretically, there could be an IPSSA chapter in Idaho someday.

The Independent Pool & Spa Service Association is able to expand nationally now that its insurance provider has joined forces with one of the world’s largest brokerages.

Arrow Insurance, which has been covering IPSSA members since 1988, recently joined HUB International Insurance Services, which is among the top 10 largest insurance firms in the world.

IPSSA currently has chapters in all key pool states: California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Florida and Georgia. By law, insurance brokers must be licensed in each state where they do business. Because of that, it previously has not been feasible for Arrow to insure anyone outside of those markets, explained the Southern California firm’s president, Ray Arouesty.

However, the firm's partnership with HUB will open the doors to other regions. By aligning with a mega firm that is licensed in all 50 states, Arrow can begin covering individuals in new markets. It’s conceivable then that IPSSA chapters could form in, say, Tennessee or the Carolinas. It takes ten people to form a chapter.

Arouesty stressed that current policies and coverage will not be impacted by the partnership with HUB and that Arrow will now be able to offer even more specialized coverage for the industry.

Arrow will relocate from Simi Valley to HUB’s Westlake Village office. All staff, website and contact information remains unchanged.