After just six months on the job, the Florida Swimming Pool Association’s executive director, Bob Benedict, has resigned.

It is the third resignation of an FSPA executive director in the past two years. In August 2005, John Schwartz, who held the job for nearly three years, resigned to attend to family matters. In May 2006, Schwartz’s replacement, Nicholas Pasyanos, stepped down for personal reasons. Benedict was hired to replace Pasyanos in November 2006.

“We have a great association; we just haven’t found the right person yet,” said FSPA President Dominick Montanaro.

Benedict’s resignation was tendered on May 4. Montanaro said the new director had some staffing issues, but FSPA was not inclined to make any changes.

“There were some things he wasn’t comfortable with, so he tendered his resignation and the Executive Committee accepted it,” Montanaro said.

Committee member Steve Bludsworth said FSPA is still pondering its next move. It may continue its tradition of forming a search committee, or turn the task over to a professional headhunter.

The FSPA Board of Directors will meet later this month to decide which path to take.

“It’s not as bad as it sounds,” Bludsworth said. “Bob was here five or six months and there were no real blowups. When you hire someone new, it either works for them or it doesn’t.”

While the search for a new executive director gets under way, association affairs will be overseen by Scott Egglefield, a former FSPA president. Bludsworth said the staff has been through the process before and knows what to do.

FSPA officials said it’s too soon to make any predictions about when a replacement will be found.