Drew Crowder
Drew Crowder

A turning point is a big deal – in the life of an individual, a nation, the world. These life-changing moments can be as personal as winning the lottery – or as monumental as a nation going to war. Big or small, such moments can shape who we are and the paths our lives will take.

So it is that I was intrigued by Drew Crowder’s summer memory, which proved to be a turning point in his life. He is the vice president of NVblu Inc., a Chantilly, Va.-based company that designs, builds and services swimming pools. This is his story:

“A great summer memory I have was the summer before my last year in college, when I was working for my father's pool design-build company. I was responsible for conducting pool start-ups at newly constructed pools and indoctrinations for new clients.

“I encountered one of the most amazing pools that I had seen our company build up to that time -- a two-tiered, all-tiled pool with a 60-foot-long, vanishing edge cascading down from the upper tier pool to the lower tier, creating a most impressive waterfall effect.

“This was a turning point where I was inspired to design and build swimming pools and outdoor living elements for my career.”