Red and white holiday lights is the color theme for this home and yard.
Adobe Stock Red and white holiday lights is the color theme for this home and yard.

The trades industry is ever evolving, and pool builders and service companies are no exception. In a world where market dynamics, customer preferences, and technology are constantly shifting, relying on a single revenue stream can be a risky strategy.

Diversifying revenue streams is more than a buzzword — it’s a vital strategy that enhances resilience against economic downturns and provides new avenues for growth. Businesses can pivot more efficiently in response to market trends, reducing dependence on any single segment of their portfolio. Diversification doesn’t merely mitigate risks; it opens doors to innovation and expansion.

Here are some ideas that could help generate revenue for a pool business, especially in competitive and saturated markets.

Artificial Turf

Artificial turf aligns well with the outdoor living spaces around pools.

As clients seek cohesive and beautiful landscaping that requires minimal upkeep, this low-maintenance alternative to natural grass can present the perfect solution. Its resilience to weather, ability to conserve water, and year-round green appearance make it an attractive option for homeowners and commercial properties.

Artificial turf, though a low-maintenance product, still requires professional care to ensure its longevity, appearance and safety. Regular maintenance includes cleaning to remove debris and dirt and keep the turf looking fresh. In pet-friendly or high-traffic areas, sanitizing the turf might be necessary, and professionals can do this without damaging the material. Over time, artificial turf may show signs of wear and tear. Regular professional inspections can identify and fix these issues before they become significant problems.

By providing these ongoing services, companies can stay engaged with clients throughout the year, rather than just during the installation phase.

Here are some tips to increase success in an artificial turf business:

Understanding the product: Artificial turf comes in various types, each suited to specific applications. Knowing the right product for each situation requires understanding the client’s needs and the turf’s characteristics. Consider obtaining specialized training or certification in its installation and maintenance. This can provide credibility and ensure you’re up to date with the latest techniques and technologies.

Installation expertise: Proper installation is crucial to ensure the artificial turf looks natural, drains properly, and lasts for years. This may involve ground preparation, precise cutting and shaping, and secure fastening.

By adding artificial turf installation and maintenance to their suite of services, pool companies can tap into a growing market, diversify their offerings, and increase revenue. .

Christmas Light Installation

Christmas light hanging offers an enticing seasonal business opportunity, while requiring minimal investment in equipment and providing a way to leverage a pool company’s existing client base. By offering Christmas light installation, maintenance, and removal services, businesses can transform the winter downtime into a bustling and profitable season. Furthermore, this service can enhance customer loyalty by providing value year-round, opening doors for potential referrals and ongoing business relationships.

Here are some tips to increase success in a Christmas Light Business:

Get educated: There is a training course at that covers how to properly estimate the cost of installation, design eye-catching and safe Christmas light displays, what equipment you should purchase, and writing contracts to protect your business.

Leverage existing client base: Use your existing relationships with pool customers to promote your new service. Create enticing packages that combine pool and Christmas light services for a unique offering.

Post-installation support and removal: Offer maintenance and support services for the lighting systems throughout the season and include timely removal services after the holiday season, demonstrating respect for the customer’s property and schedule.

The Christmas light market is ripe with potential. With the right preparation and execution, it can become a rewarding addition to your business.

Partner with Home Improvement Stores

If you’ve garnered a wealth of knowledge and experience, why not share it? Offering workshops and training sessions on pool maintenance, landscaping or even DIY home improvement can not only generate income but also help build community connections.

Consider forming partnerships with home improvement stores to offer installation and consultation services for outdoor and indoor water features, spas and other related products. This collaboration can provide a steady stream of business during the off-season or year-round.

Remember, diversification isn’t about departing from your core business but enhancing and enriching it. The skills and expertise cultivated in the pool industry are enormously transferable. It’s about being adaptable, creative, and forward-thinking.