We’re starting to head into the pool season, which means that in a few weeks, most techs will be too busy with their normal service chores to do much else (except read this blog, of course). So now might be the last chance you have to talk to your customers about changes they can make to save on their big summer electric bills.

The biggest energy-saver can be a new pump. If you’ve got customers still using single-speed pumps, try to educate them on the benefits of two-speed or variable-speed pumps. Depending on electricity costs in your area, a new pump can pay for itself in energy savings in one to three years. The initial cost can be expensive, but your customers will be thrilled when they compare their first electric bill with the new pump to the amount they were paying last year. Also, your local electric utility may offer rebates on the purchase of a new pump.

Another easy way to save energy is to install a pool cover. If you’re in an area where heaters are used in the summer, a pool cover can dramatically decrease the amount of energy needed to heat a pool.

If you can sell your customers on these purchases, you’ll make them happy with a smaller energy bill and you’ll put some of that money in your pocket. Win-win.