What do a Mozart sonata, the human body, medieval cathedrals and a well-designed pool have in common?

They all contain a simple mathematical equation, a base code that controls the dimensions of the space that they fill. This hidden knowledge has been used by the world’s great architects to create their masterpieces. Renaissance painters employed these techniques to achieve balance in their work. Music composed by Mozart, Beethoven and Bach embraced the equation, and Stradivari used the code to place f-holes in his famous violins.

Sacred geometry. Some say it is the very fingerprint of God.

In this issue of Pool & Spa News, we unravel a code known by many names: Phi, the Fibonacci numbers and the golden spiral. The article explores a secret of great artisans past and present, and shows you how to use their knowledge of sacred geometry to design aesthetically pleasing backyards.

Backyard designs that use this universal framework create an environment where the spiritual manifests into the material. Spaces constructed with these principles in mind are a bridge between worlds, an oasis that will resonate with homeowners on a subconscious level.

You may have read about this concept in Dan Brown’s best-selling novel, The Da Vinci Code. Now you can use them, too. Check out our feature, titled “Cracking the Code.

Erika Taylor