In June, Saraceni Pools & Spas celebrated 30 years selling supplies in Niagara Falls, N.Y. Owner Dennis Conti founded the company in 1985 in what used to be a store called Saraceni Drugs, which he described as an “early K-Mart.” It was a pharmacy that sold everything from toys and drugs to pool supplies. “We decided to take over the business and keep the pools part of it,” Conti said. “We were planning on changing the name in a couple of years. Here we are 30 years later and we’ve never changed it.”

The business is a family one, with Conti’s wife, Patty, there full-time and their son helping occasionally. Conti attributes Saraceni’s longevity to good service and pricing.

“I have customers who have been here 30 years with me,” he said. “We know a good amount of them by name, or at least know somebody in their family,” he said.