It's true that consumers appreciate a sense of familiarity and the personal touch, but companies should not allow that kind of engagement to dominate over messages and content that help fulfill the needs of prospective customers.

From Builder:

Many factors can limit a contracting business’s ability to effectively acquire new clients. Marketing should not be one of those. However, it can be when contractors use “ego marketing,” a combination of messages and practices that transform your precious marketing and sales efforts into a detractor for your business.

Effective marketing communicates your unique value to homeowner prospects. It builds recognition and credibility for your services and creates a steady flow of interested homeowners and new customers. Ego marketing can make you feel good at the expense of effective communication. It’s a self-inflicted, costly burden for any business to bear. It reduces the effectiveness of your communication, and can actually turn contractor’s homeowner prospects off. However, most businesses don’t even realize they are engaging in ego marketing.

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