The North Carolina Retail Merchants Association has bestowed an inaugural Retailer of the Year Award to Rising Sun Pools & Spas. The Raleigh, N.C.-based firm, which also is a Pool & Spa News Top Builder, was chosen for its commitment to community service, longevity, dedication to customer service and development of strong client relationships.

The award was presented as part of University of North Carolina’s Retail Conference, an event that included workshops, speakers and panel discussions designed to educate attendees about the retail market and engage strategic conversation around topics facing the retail industry today.

“We are honored to accept one of this year’s NCRMA Retailer of the Year awards,” said Rising Sun co-owner Tara Onthank. “After 40 years of serving the community, Rising Sun Pools & Spas is pleased to see recognition for our years of hard work from our peers throughout the state.”