The past two pool seasons have emphasized the importance of having mobile software solutions to thrive in today’s business environment. With resources stretched thin, business software should be accessible on any mobile device to support staff and provide better customer service. Pool professionals agree that there are several industry-specific mobile technology solutions that can instantly reduce business stressors and help pool and spa businesses thrive. Here are three ‘Pro Tip’ solutions that will positively impact operations and customer service almost immediately.

Tip 1- Increase efficiency using ‘paperless’ mobile solutions in the field

Service technicians are extremely busy testing water, cleaning pools, or replacing parts and equipment—so they shouldn’t have to deal with the additional steps of bringing paperwork back to the home office or call to ask about inventory. Eliminate service forms, record pool or spa water test results, take payments at the jobsite, look up inventory, and even perform physical inventory tasks on service trucks—all through a phone or tablet. With ‘mobile live service’ technicians have immediate access to all the updates completed at the office and the office is instantly up to date with their tasks.

By using “mobile live service” technicians can operate more efficiently in the field by using their mobile phone or tablet for everything they can do at their offices. This allows service technicians to easily view scheduled jobs alongside other information such as equipment profile, job notes, directions, and pictures on record. There are even mobile water testing apps where technicians can test the water, record the results, and input a complete profile, including photos of the pool, the pump room, and its backyard surroundings.

Tip 2- Improve cashflow with Mobile Service Billing and Payment options

Mobile billing and payment options have become essential for getting paid. Mobile billing allows service technicians to ensure fast, efficient, and accurate service billing. The ability to process mobile payments provides clients with the convenience of paying online or from a mobile device. Pool and spa professionals using mobile online billing and online bill pay options eliminate the time of duplicate entries, saving money on labor and supplies and more importantly can bill and collect payments in the field.

Tip 3- Use Mobile Inventory Management on every service truck

Inventory control is a key component in running a lean and profitable business. Using new mobile technology helps you tighten logistics, manage cycle counts, and gain more control over inventory on service trucks. These tools can help you avoid inventory inaccuracies, missed sales, lost income, and surprising shortages. This makes managing products, including transferring stock from trucks to store or between trucks, far easier.

Courtesy of All Seasons Pool, Illinois
Courtesy of All Seasons Pool, Illinois

Mobile technology improves field employee productivity

Mobile technology puts information into the palm of every employee, centralizing information and automating tasks to boost productivity, freeing your employees to focus on customer relationships and increasing sales. RB’s mobile live service software improves efficiency by:

  • Managing customers and entire jobs more easily
  • Automating revolving service
  • Tracking field employee schedules and optimizing routes
  • Controlling service vehicle inventory
  • Providing constant access to information with a mobile app

The use of mobile apps has made it easier to deliver exceptional service, even during the busy season. Now is the time to embrace mobile technology to ensure your pool and spa business thrives.