The following basic formulas can help you jump start your store’s KPI program.

Sales KPIs
• Revenues per employee:
Sales ÷ number of employees

• Average retail sales:Sales ÷ number of retail transactions

• Average sale with water test:Sales with water tests ÷ number of water tests

Profitability, productivity and vitality KPIs
• Net profit percentage:
Net profit ÷ total sales

• Service win percentage:Number of service calls completed on first call ÷ total number of service calls

• Budget variance:Actual expenses compared to budgeted expenses

• Vitality index (how new products contribute to revenue growth):New product sales ÷ total sales

Thanks to Dennis Marunde, president of Crystal Lake, Ill.-based Arvidson Pools & Spas; Brian Quint, president of Seattle-based Aqua Quip; and Chris Curcio, president of Litehouse Pools & Spas in Strongsville, Ohio.