As part of its commitment to digital publishing, Pool & Spa News has relaunched its website, with news and other content to be updated every day.

“The new site is a giant leap forward for Pool & Spa News and our readers,” said Gary Thill, interactive director of Pool & Spa News and sister publication Aquatics International. “With the new architecture, we’ll be able to feature more breaking news online and keep our readers up to date on the latest news, trends and happenings. We’ll also be giving more professionals a voice through our growing ProView blog network. We’ve got exciting plans, so keep checking back to the site to see what’s next.”

The new design has made news and other features easier to find, as shown in increased traffic on the site since its relaunch. The website has been divided into “Builder,” “Service,” “Retail,” “Products,” “Education” and “Classifieds” categories, making it easier for users to get exactly the information they want.

Another feature of the new website is its blogs. Each editorial staff member has their own blog covering the subjects where their expertise lies. In addition, the ProView blogs written by industry luminaries offer insights in the building, service and retail fields. This section will be updated each day.

“Publishing is undergoing a profound change and I’m so happy to be a journalist during this exciting time,” said Erika Taylor, editor in chief of Pool & Spa News. “The new website is a partnership between the history and traditions that make our magazine great and the cutting edge technology that will bring that greatness into a new era of digital communication.”

One enhanced feature on the new site will be more photo and video content. Erin Ansley, online editor for Pool & Spa News, said visual components will be a major part of the updated site. She said she hopes to include videos of projects submitted by builders and others on the site.

Along with the updated website, Ansley said the magazine’s social media initiative, including use of Twitter, Facebook and other platforms, has been expanded. “This outreach will bridge the print and digital parts of Pool & Spa News,” she explained.

The website also features links to stories from other sources that are of interest to those in the pool and spa business, as well as quick access to the most popular content, allowing readers to keep up with items of interest to others in the industry.