I am attending the 2013 World Aquatic Health Conference this week and teaching a new generation to become instructors for the swimming pool/spa - recreation - water industry. Some of the “would-be” CPO instructors may just replace me and my fellow cohorts if they find and keep the passion of education to better the work force of the aquatics industry.

I feel immense pride in the way the NSPF Instructor Education Committee instructors work together, both in teaching and authoring the books we use. They are together as a team when relaxing and eating, and smiling while brainstorming how we can bring our passion to the students who will serve the commercial aquatics industry, protecting the patrons from harm and disease.

Life offers wonderful moments, and our team’s association as part of the NSPF Education Committee validates the individual work each of us does to better the industry and raise the bar of competence.

On another note, I have been saved from total ignorance by friends at Zodiac and Pentair. They let me know about their new energy-efficient sweep booster pumps, which save up to 30 percent on operating energy. Check out the new booster pumps, pool techs; your customers just love to save money.