So far we've gotten a lot of positive feedback on the new PSN and AI web sites. For the most part they offer more of every thing our readers loved about the old sites. But one thing we've noticed is that fewer people are commenting on our articles. What gives?

One thing you should now about journalists: We're notoriously insecure. So when we don't get comments on our articles, we start to think the worst. To save us from our insecurity, please start adding your two cents to our articles!

Perhaps, you're unsure about how exactly to comment on the new sites. With that in mind, here's a quick reference on to leave your mark:

1. When you're on the story you want to comment on, scroll down to the bottom of the page where you'll see "Comments" 

2. Login in to the comments interface using one of several different options: Twitter, Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Linkedin are some of the more popular options, but you can use the gray arrows to scroll over to more options including the venerable AOL. 

3. Enter your username and password for the network you chose. Then you'll see your profile appear in the comments interface.

4. Now you're ready to comment. Just have your say and hit "Post" when you're done. Then you'll see your comment appear in the "Comments" section. It's that easy. 

If you're really interested in what others have to say you can subscribe to the comments for that article and get notified whenever a new comment comes in. You can also reply to other people's comments or give them a thumbs up if they're speaking your language. 

So go ahead, give it a try right here. What did you think of this quick reference? Did it help you? Give me a shout out if it did, or a shout down if it didn't. Either way, it's better than "no comment."