Pool contractor Jesse Otts, 33, was recently sentenced to 33 years in prison. In December 2016 he pleaded guilty to a number of charges related to crimes he committed in February 2016, including sexual assault and burglary.

According to officials, Otts unlawfully entered the home of a 73-year old woman in Clay, N.Y., on February 25, 2016. When confronted, he then assaulted the victim and robbed her of an undisclosed amount of cash. The victim was transported to an area hospital that evening with non-life-threatening injuries. Otts had previously done some pool work for the victim, and DNA analysis from evidence collected at the crime scene confirmed his identity.

Earlier that same day, Otts burglarized three businesses at a strip mall near the victim’s home. He also set fire to a restaurant.

The crime spree was fueled by drug use, and Otts was originally given a drug rehabilitation sentence for the burglary and arson charges. However, the rehab sentence was pulled in favor of the prison sentence once he became tied to the sexual assault.