CPSA Executive Director John Norwood
CPSA Executive Director John Norwood

With just a few weeks left of the current session, California is seeing increased motion on three bills meant to lay out how the state will meet Governor Jerry Brown's mandate for across-the-board water reductions of 20% by the year 2020.

Senate Bill 606, along with Assembly Bills 1654 and 1668 are in various stages at this point. The Senate bill and Assembly bill 1668 have extensive language involving water savings in all sectors. However, the remaining piece of legislation only states, "It is the intent of the legislature to enact legislation necessary to help make water conservation a California way of life."

There is a mention of pools, spas, waterfeatures and ponds, but no specific proposed mandates are outlined. The language also says that any standards written should include provisions pertaining to pools, spas, and other waterfeatures. Additionally, water-contingency plans would address pools and spas separate from manmade ponds, lakes, waterfalls and fountains.

If passed, the legislation stands to transfer some authority on certain matters from local water districts to the state water board.

While the California Pool & Spa Association is concerned about the legislation, it believes it is making inroads with officials to send the message that pools and spas do not disproportionately waste water and that they often are bordered by hardscape that does not require watering.

"It’s an opportunity to help us protect the future of this industry in California," said CPSA Executive Director John Norwood. "I don’t think anybody’s trying to target it, but it’s just that water policy is a big deal. There are a lot of moving parts, and you have to pay attention to make sure that whatever is in there has a positive effect on your business."

This legislative session ends Sept. 15.

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