Due to the cost, remote monitoring technology is generally limited to commercial accounts, especially those with multiple vessels.

But these systems are slowly finding their way into residential backyard pools. Service company owners say that it’s usually high-end residential pool owners who sign on for it — at least for now.

Like most new technology, the prices start out high, but drop to more affordable levels over time. Service veterans believe this moment is coming soon.

Michael Diaz, owner of Berry Pool & Supply in Brownsville, Texas, says it makes sense. After all, most houses have built-in alarm systems. “It would be a good thing to have this on all pools,” he says. “Before, few homes were wired for internal security. Now every new house that’s built has it wired in.

“Why not extend that to the swimming pool?” Diaz asks. “Why not have something that tells the homeowner or the service company, ‘Hey, your water’s not safe.’”