While an anomaly, combining hot tubs with a mode of tranpsportation isn’t new. There have been hot tub limos, for instance, as well as hot tub boats.

But these have been one-off, customized, novelty products fabricated for one company to rent out. Now, a manufactuer has decided to take the idea on the production line.

The Spacruzzi doesn’t move fast, but it’s not meant to. “It’s a hot tub that changes scenery,” says Alexey Kanwetz, CEO/chairman of Spacruzzi Luxury Experience Hot Tub boats, based in Polson, Mont.

To create the boat, Kanwetz brought in a maritime architectural designer. The product is made in the company’s manufacturing facilities in Polson, with testing of the boats conducted in Montana’s Flathead Lake and at Lake Tahoe, Nev.

While ultra-high-income homeowners provided an automatic target audience from the start, the producer now also sees increased interest among rental companies looking to add it to their menu of luxury products and services.

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