With widespread shortages in supplies, backorders and fluctuating prices across all areas of the pool and spa industry, businesses need to keep tighter control of inventory. Most pool and spa retailers agree that the pandemic has highlighted the need for automation and more use of e-commerce. Pool professionals are now actively embracing inventory software and e-commerce solutions that integrate together to ensure they can plan for optimal inventory, make smart purchasing decisions and profit on all products sold and used in their businesses.

Inventory control and vendor integrations

Having tight inventory control has never been more important than during this period of pandemic-driven demand that is expected to continue throughout 2022. It’s important to utilize business software with features that allow pool and spa companies to keep tight control of inventory simply, easily and efficiently. For example, having a powerful vendor integration feature allows purchasing agents to quickly enter orders without having to duplicate data entry. Additionally, these integrations allow staff to track backorders and special orders for customers. Not only will you be notified when a specific item is received, but you can also designate specific product orders for specific customers.

Inventory control and mobile live

Giving your staff all the features of your business software on any tablet or mobile phone will vastly improve your inventory control and purchase planning. This particular feature is invaluable for ensuring your product inventory is 100% accurate at all times. Because there is limited stock for virtually every product, retailers, service professionals and construction crews are doing physical counts much more frequently. By using the mobile live feature, any staff member can update physical stock quantities quickly and easily using a mobile phone or tablet.

Inventory control and e-commerce

Even before the pandemic, consumers were doing more and more online shopping and the spa and pool industry is no exception. Many consumers agree that they are permanently shifting the way they purchase goods, and a digitized means of shopping will likely stick around long after the world has returned to a sense of normalcy. Pool and spa stores know that their customers want e-commerce because it is easier, less of a hassle, and can be done from the comfort of home.

RB Retail created an easy e-commerce solution/shopping cart feature for existing websites that is fully equipped for easy check-out and curbside pickup or delivery. It’s the perfect tool to make pool sales management easier and simultaneously improves inventory control.

Changing with the times

The trends emerging from our industry clearly show that pool and spa professionals are embracing technology to thrive in a marketplace where there’s an even greater demand for products and services that enhance the backyard. And it’s important to remember that many of the new clients entering the marketplace are first-time pool and spa owners who are younger and comfortable with digital technology. These first-time pool and spa owners are driving the need for powerful e-commerce tools that simplify the shopping process. So this season, look for integrated software technology specifically designed for the pool and spa industry with inventory control and e-commerce tools. It will allow you to quickly welcome all of the new business coming your way.

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