When you think of Detroit, you don't necessarily think pools - and vice versa. But as you can see from the slideshow, there still exist some old ones in the Motor City, some still functioning, some not; some still classically beautiful and others wearing their age.

The staff of the Detroit Free Press took a tour of local prewar pools and shared their findings. They could be found at local schools, YMCAs, country clubs and even the former headquarters of General Motors. Some still feature elaborate tile work, funded from the seemingly unending revenues generated by Big Industry at the time and filled from Lake Detroit, which is actually a straight between Great Lakes.

While some of the pools have fallen into heartbreaking disrepair  - and one was never completed - they still show the importance and longevity of this product through the ages. One pool was never particularly glamorous but now serves a beautiful purpose: In what used to be a YWCA, it now brings the beauty of water to those served by the Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries.

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